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Rosa Leigh has been a Village Player since moving here with her husband, Mike, in 2008. She had a 30 year career in healthcare. She has 3 step-children who all live in the Valley with their families (including 6 grandchildren), and a son and daughter-in-law who live in Tokyo.

She enjoys volunteering at Mayo Clinic, working at the new Mayo Clinic Medical School as a Standardized Patient and serving on the Board of DOVES (part of the Area Agency on Aging; provides support for abused older adults).

Some favorite roles include Clytemnestra in Agamemnon, Ida in The Cemetery Club, Rose in Rose’s Dilemma, Myra in A Bad Year for Tomatoes, Susan in Westbrook High School Reunion, Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit, Olive in The Odd Couple (Female Version), and the very fun undertaking of portraying a man (Christopher Wren) in The Mousetrap.

She also directed No Time Like the Present for the Village Players. She has appeared in independent films, a few commercials and some student films. Check out her website at

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